How To Cook Hot Dogs On Blackstone Griddle

Cooking hot dogs on a Blackstone griddle is a quick and satisfying way to enjoy this classic American favorite. Whether you prefer smoky and charred or lightly seared, the griddle’s flat surface ensures even cooking and a deliciously crispy texture. This article, will explain how to cook hot dogs on blackstone griddle.


  • Hot dogs (your favorite variety)
  • Cooking oil or butter (vegetable oil, canola oil, or even butter for added flavor)
  • Hot dog buns (classic white buns or your preferred choice)
  • Condiments and toppings (ketchup, mustard, onions, sauerkraut, relish, pickles, grated cheese, jalapeños, and more)

How To Cook Hot Dogs On Blackstone Griddle


1. Preheat The Griddle

  • Turn on your Blackstone griddle to preheat for 10-15 minutes. 
  • You want it to reach medium-high heat, typically around 350-400°F (175-200°C). Preheating ensures even cooking and helps prevent sticking.

2. Prepare The Hot Dogs

  • While the griddle is heating up, prepare your hot dogs. You can choose from various types, such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or plant-based alternatives.
  • Consider slicing the hot dogs partially lengthwise. This helps with cooking and provides more surface area for a crispy sear.

3. Oil The Griddle

  • When the griddle is heated, drizzle some cooking oil or melt some butter on the cooking surface.
  • Use a spatula or a basting brush to spread the oil or butter evenly across the griddle surface. This step enhances flavor and prevents the hot dogs from sticking.

4. Cook The Hot Dogs

  • Place the prepared hot dogs on the hot griddle. You should hear a satisfying sizzle when they make contact with the griddle.
  • Leave some space between each hot dog to ensure they cook evenly.
  • Cook the hot dogs for three to five minutes on one side. How long the hot dogs take to cook depends on what temperature your grill is and how thick they are.
  • Use a spatula to flip them occasionally. This ensures that all sides get that desired golden-brown sear.

5. Warm The Buns

  • While the hot dogs are cooking, take your hot dog buns and place them on a cooler part of the grill, cut side down.
  • Toast the buns for about a minute or until they become slightly crispy and golden. This step adds texture and prevents the buns from getting soggy when you add condiments.

6. Check For Doneness

  • Make sure the hot dogs are cooked to the amount of doneness you like. Some people like them lightly seared, while others like the outside to be more burned and crispy.
  • You can cut it into one to check if it’s done to your liking. The interior should be hot and cooked through.

7. Serve

  • Remove the cooked hot dogs from the grill and place them in the toasted buns.
  • Now comes the fun part: Add your favorite condiments and toppings. 
  • Common choices include ketchup, mustard, diced onions, sauerkraut, relish, pickles, grated cheese, jalapeños, or whatever your heart desires.

8. Enjoy

  • Serve your freshly cooked hot dogs immediately while they’re still hot and bursting with flavor.
  • Pair them with your favorite side dishes, such as potato chips, coleslaw, or a refreshing salad.


  • Use Quality Hot Dogs: Start with high-quality hot dogs. Whether you prefer beef, pork, turkey, or plant-based options, choosing good-quality hot dogs will enhance the overall flavor of your dish.
  • Don’t Overcrowd the Griddle: Give your hot dogs enough space to cook evenly and develop a nice sear on the grill. Overcrowding can result in uneven cooking.
  • Add Butter for Flavor: If you want an extra burst of flavor, consider using butter instead of oil to coat the grill. Butter adds a rich and savory taste to the hot dogs.
  • Experiment with Seasonings: You can season your hot dogs with a variety of spices and herbs. Sprinkle garlic powder, paprika, or black pepper before cooking to enhance the flavor.
  • Steam the Buns: If you prefer soft, steamed buns, cover them with an aluminum foil tent on the grill for a minute or two. This will keep them warm and make them extra soft.
  • Keep Toppings Ready: Have your condiments and toppings prepped and ready before cooking the hot dogs. This way, you can assemble your hot dogs quickly after they’re done to enjoy them at their best.
  • Mix Up the Toppings: Get creative with your toppings! Try unique combinations like pineapple salsa, avocado slices, or sriracha mayo for a twist on classic hot dogs.
  • Clean the Griddle After Use: After cooking, scrape off any residue and clean the grill while it’s warm. This makes cleanup more manageable and helps maintain your griddle’s seasoning.
  • Maintain the Griddle Seasoning: Regularly season your Blackstone griddle to keep it in optimal condition. A well-seasoned griddle helps prevent sticking and enhances flavor.
  • Safety First: Always exercise caution when using a hot griddle. Use long-handled utensils to avoid burns, and keep children and pets away from the cooking area.
  • Keep an Eye on Cooking Time: Hot dogs can cook quickly, so be attentive. Overcooking can lead to dry and tough hot dogs, while undercooking may result in raw centers.
  • Serve with a Side: Pair your hot dogs with classic sides like coleslaw, potato salad, or baked beans for a well-rounded meal.
  • Try Different Types of Hot Dogs: Explore the world of hot dogs by trying different varieties such as bratwurst, Italian sausages, or chorizo for unique flavors and textures.
  • Keep it Social: Griddle-cooked hot dogs are great for gatherings and cookouts. Please invite friends and family to build their hot dog creations with various toppings.

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