How Many Flavors Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have

Buffalo Wild Wings is renowned for its various wing sauces and seasonings that cater to various preferences. Their signature flavors have become so popular that Buffalo Wild Wings now sells bottles of their signature sauces and seasoning shakers so that customers can recreate their favorite wings at home. This article, will explain how many flavors does buffalo wild wings have. 

How Many Flavors Does Buffalo Wild Wings Have

Buffalo wild wings have 24 flavors, here are all the flavors of buffalo wild wings.

  1. Mild
  2. Medium
  3. Hot
  4. Wild
  5. Blazin’
  6. Asian Zing
  7. Caribbean Jerk
  8. Thai Curry
  9. Honey BBQ
  10. Spicy Garlic
  11. Parmesan Garlic
  12. Bourbon Honey Mustard
  13. Desert Heat
  14. Lemon Pepper
  15. Salt & Vinegar
  16. Chipotle BBQ
  17. Teriyaki
  18. Garlic Parmesan
  19. Nashville Hot
  20. Smoky Adobo
  21. Sweet BBQ
  22. Carolina Reaper
  23. Mango Habanero
  24. Sriracha

Flavors Of Buffalo Wild Wings

Here are the 10 most popular flavors of buffalo wild wings.

1. Garlic Parmesan Cheese

We have the Buffalo Wild Wings questionable Parmesan Garlic sauce in the first position. Even though this is the unhealthiest sauce option, it is also the tastiest. The sauce has a beautiful balance of Parmesan cheese and garlic flavor, with neither overpowering the other. It is garnished with ample Italian herbs that lend texture to the sauce.

The Parmesan Garlic sauce is low on the heat scale. There’s no need to fear sweating through your meal, but the sauce’s slight spiciness will keep you returning for more. This garlic-filled sauce perfectly complements the already delectable Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings. 

2. Middle range

Medium sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings comes in second place. The Medium sauce has the same Original Buffalo sauce base as the Mild sauce but with more heat and seasonings.

The Medium sauce is extremely dense and creamy, contrasting the boneless wings’ crispiness and complementing the bone-in wings’ smooth, crispy skin. 

The Medium sauce is unexpectedly tolerable for those with a smaller spicy palate, but still has a consuming peppery flavor that gives you a good kick. The Medium sauce pairs well with the Desert Heat seasoning or the Chipotle BBQ seasoning to enhance the heat.

3. Citrus Pepper

Starting Buffalo Wild Wings’ top three varieties is the Lemon Pepper seasoning. This is the finest dry seasoning for the wings by far. It expanded nationwide when chain restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings added it to their menus. Now, many households keep this seasoning in their spice cabinets and add it to pasta, vegetables, other foods, and meat dishes.

The Lemon Pepper seasoning combines a flavorful citrus base with a piquant, savory pepper taste. The seasoning pairs exceptionally well with bone-in and boneless wings and nearly every sauce on the menu. There is no way to go wrong with the pairings, but it is sufficient to satisfy any palette.

4. Thai Cusine

Though most other condiments that explore different cultures struggle to maintain authenticity, the Buffalo Wild Wings Thai Curry does an excellent job of paying homage to the original while adding an original twist. It has a pleasant, thick spice and a base flavor that erupts from the wing. The bold flavor of the curry may not seem like the ideal complement to chicken wings, but both bone-in and boneless wings combine well with the combination of coconut milk and spices.

Curry’s flavor can be overpowering for some, but Buffalo Wild Wings’ rendition is milder but still delicious. It serves as an introduction to curry for those who have never tried it. The Thai Curry sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings will awaken your curry-loving taste receptors and keep you coming back for more.

5. Original And Mild Buffalo

The Mild and Original Buffalo sauce are Buffalo Wild Wings’ most popular varieties. The Mild sauce is ideal for those who want to sample spicy foods but need a gentle introduction. It is difficult to distinguish it from the Original Buffalo sauce due to their similarity.

It has a very neutral flavor and a creamy texture, making it suitable for everyone, but if you’re looking for something piquant, this is not the sauce for you.

6. Mandarin Habaero

The following is Mango Habaero. The habanero component of this condiment imparts a robust heat. A habanero is a distinctive chili pepper with an extremely fiery flavor. This heat is tempered by the sweet, fruity flavor of the mango, which mitigates its effects to a small degree. Whether or not you enjoy the flavor, there is no denying that if you consume the Mango Habanero wings, you will sweat throughout the entire experience.

Unlike some of the other numerous spicy options on the menu, the sweetness of the mango makes this sauce edible. It is a well-balanced sauce that should be the goal of most restaurants that serve a sweeter spicy sauce. The Mango Habanero sauce does not disappoint fiery fans, and if a slightly sweet sweat is what you’re after with your chicken wing selection, then this sauce will not disappoint.

7. Honey BBQ And Chipotle BBQ

The Chipotle BBQ seasoning and Honey BBQ sauce pair well despite being two distinct barbecue flavors. The Chipotle BBQ seasoning has all the wonderful smoky, outdoorsy flavors of traditional barbecue, but with a chipotle kick from fire-roasted peppers. It is not spicy but gives the eater a flavor they can savor without sweating.

The Honey BBQ sauce has the same familiar flavor but is significantly sweetened. However, unlike the Sweet BBQ, it is neither so thick nor sweet that you weary of it after two wings. Rather, the Honey BBQ sauce has a minuscule amount of heat, making it more palatable and appealing to fans of less fiery cuisine.

8. Peppery Garlic

The Spicy Garlic sauce may be one of the menu’s most underrated condiments. Like the Wild Sauce, it is derived from the Buffalo Wild Wings Original Buffalo sauce, which is already an outstanding foundation. However, the Spicy Garlic is distinguished from the Original Buffalo by adding a robust garlic flavor. When combined with the buffalo flavor, garlic tames the heat and creates a rich, creamy, mellow flavor with a garlic aftertaste.

In the Buffalo Wild Wings Mild sauce, the Original Buffalo flavor becomes a touch lost, one might even say. However, this is not a negative thing, as the Mild sauce is already fantastic, and adding garlic makes it even better.

Though it might not be the best sauce option for a date or dinner with friends, the Spicy Garlic sauce is one you’ll want to consume when you’re not breathing on those around you.

9. Wild And Desert Warmth

Wild sauce and Desert Heat seasoning are comparable in heat and quality. The Wild sauce is intended to be similar to Buffalo Wild Wings Original Buffalo sauce but has a spicier flavor. In addition to the buffalo flavor that everyone is searching for, The Wild sauce also possesses a flavor reminiscent of freshly cut peppers.

The Desert Heat seasoning makes the food exceedingly dry, smoky, and, most importantly, exactly as its name describes. Attempting to balance out the peppery flavor that fills your mouth and sinuses, the salt is a bit overpowering.

10. Standard And Salt And Vinegar

Some may be surprised by how highly the plain wings are regarded, but the plain and Salt and Vinegar seasoning are equally delicious Buffalo Wild Wings menu options. Bone-in and boneless plain wings are remarkably tasty for a large chain restaurant. Each dish is prepared to the diner’s specifications. 

The juiciness and tenderness of the bone-in wings makes them tumble off the bone into your mouth. Combining golden breading and tenderized chicken in the boneless wings is a triumph. Although the wings typically pair best with a sauce or seasoning, they are still delicious without.

The Salt & Vinegar seasoning is self-explanatory. Though most products with salt and vinegar seasoning can come across as manufactured, this seasoning has an authentic, fresh flavor that imparts a tartness without overpowering the food. It is a dazzling combination of salty and vinegary flavors and a subtle take on the classic flavor combination.

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